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Log line
The professional and personal lives of super villains are examined – with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Conceived in early 2006 as the answer to a few questions:
1) What is life like for a comic book super villain? All types, too: From the truly terrifying to the punching bags.
2) Spinning that idea on its head, what if the villains were top dog and the heroes were the chumps?
3) What's it like living in a city where constant mayhem occurs? This idea isn't shown often in the mainstream books.

While my goal was never to have it be especially goofy, the series leans toward light comedy and occasionally delves into the absurd.

For those interested in trivia, this series was named during a Beach Boys kick I was on at the time. Also, its fraternal twin is Sci-Fact Comics.

Teen (parental guidance may be required); fans of The Tick

Trade paperback

Stories have been scripted for some time. No artist has been named for this project.

Gallery coming soon.


Digital: TBA
Physical: TBA