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Log line
A tribute to classic pulp science fiction, this series takes scientific facts and pushes them toward the absurd.

When I heard the news that Pluto (and others) were to be designated as 'dwarf planets', I began to imagine the idea that the residents would be up in limbs. The next afternoon, on a road trip, the song 'Nightflight to Venus' came up on my wife's playlist (don't ask). A quick tweak of that title and a new series was born.

The series' fraternal twin is Villains.

Bianca Basso
Ariel Marsh
Nic Orme
Josh Rodgers

Teen (comedic violence); fans of Futurama

Trade paperback; anthology (76 pages)

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"Sci-Fact Comics is what your favourite weird, wise-cracking uncle would be like as a comic collection, right down to the winningly goofy humour, unconcealed love of Star Wars, and masterfully-wrought bad puns… the artists Paulin brings to bat all deliver excellent results."
- Peter Chiykowski (Little Worlds; Rock, Paper, Cynic)

Digital: $5.00
Physical: $10.00
Local shop: $10.00 (supplies are limited)