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Log line
A (very) young girl, with the help of a trusted friend, ventures out into the world.

Conceived in late 2006 as a gift to my sister-in-law and her husband to celebrate the birth of their daughter.

The style was darker, as seen in the original ideas for Page 1: Panel 2 and Panel 3 but this has since been abandoned.

Cover: Nic Orme
Interiors: Ariel Marsh

All ages; fans of The Wizard of Oz

Single issue (24 pages)

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"Infantasy makes a heroic epic out of the small moments of courage we show in growing up. The effect is at once thoroughly unexpected and utterly convincing. (Ariel Marsh's) bold, generous lines show us a wide-eyed view of the world and recall exactly how big, scary, and beautiful it can be."
- Peter Chiykowski (Little Worlds; Rock, Paper, Cynic)

"All in all, (Infantasy) is a great book. I really enjoyed it. The tone and mood are perfect and the art is glorious."
- Matthew LeDrew (author of the Black Womb series; co-author of the Infinity series)

Digital: $1.00
Physical: $3.00 (supplies are limited)
Local shop: $3.00 (supplies are limited)