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Log line
A brand-new collection of charity chillers, for ages 10-100. Net proceeds benefit Free The Children.

At Hal-Con 2010, Peter Chiykowski and I laid the foundation for what became the all-ages charity compilation, What the Wild Things (2011). Partnering with Free the Children, the book offered 48 pages from 16 creators and raised approximately $750.

Fearsome Fables (2012) targeted a slightly older audience. Featuring 44 creators and clocking in at over 180 pages, it has raised approximately $2,000 for Child’s Play.

The contributors
Hillary Allan
Sanya Anwar
Aileen S. Balucanag
Bianca Basso
Peter Chiykowski
Bruce Delo
Genett Gayas
Larry Gent
Valérie Gent
Kim Glennie
Kala Hirtle
Steve Lake
Aaron Lenk
Kelly Lynch
Ariel Marsh
Sarah McCausland
Molly McVicker
Kraig Nicol
Sylvie J. Ouellet
Jay Paulin
Isabelle Pineau
Ruth Reid
Steven Charles Rosia
Suze Shore
L. M. Silva
James Stevenson
Mags Storey
Ckhyamoj Townsend
George Ward
Augustus Michael Webb
Kevin Woolridge
Sam Zucchi

10+ (a few moderately intense moments); fans of Bone, Coraline, Jabberwocky and Scary Godmother.

Trade paperback; anthology (174 pages)

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"If you love light-hearted and unique monster stories and beautiful artwork, don’t hesitate to pick up this anthology."
- Paper Droids

Purchase (proceeds go to Free The Children)
Digital: $10.00
Physical: $20.00 (supplies are limited)