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Log line
A lonely boy is frustrated by the spooky faces he sees everywhere he goes. Will he be pushed too far?

After moving around Ontario for some time, going from apartment to apartment, we settled into our first home in 2008. Of course, the first night was a mix of emotions, from elation to trepidation. What was that noise? Is that someone looking through our (curtain-less) windows?

The concept of fear is one of the oldest known to mankind. How does a young, isolated boy cope with endless torment?

As for the rhyme itself, most of my ideas come to me in my dreams or just going about my day; this one came in the latter. The boy, originally nameless, was named Jack in a 2011 contest.

Kristina Neuman

Teen (dark subject matter and one comedically gruesome page); fans of Coraline

Single issue (11 pages)

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"Faces is a creepy, quick, and quirky little story that will stick to you and stick hard."
- Peter Chiykowski (Little Worlds; Rock, Paper, Cynic)

"Anyone who likes JTHM (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac), Squee! or Tim Burton's work will easily dig Faces."
- Conor McCreery (Kill Shakespeare)

"...Faces is a charming illustrated verse that flirts with the gruesome. This is a piece to be enjoyed by fans of Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent Price, or Tim Burton."
- David Reynolds (Superheroes: An Analysis of Popular Culture's Modern Myths )

“There is a rich feeling of connection in the sharing of what we all never mention, but invariably all experience. The ease achieved by 'vocalizing' this phenomenon is cathartic. It is profound and it is interesting... Go find, buy and talk loudly about this book.”
- World of Superheroes

Digital: Free
Physical: Out of print
Local shop: $2.00 (supplies are limited)