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Created to be the perfect pop star, can someone undead breathe life into the music industry? A coming-of-age tale set against a rock & roll backdrop.

Once we decided to make this, we immediately agreed on a few things: One-shot; rockabilly; combination of famous musicians to make the ultimate star; comedic drama, not horror. Despite our star’s background, we wanted this to appeal to readers of all ages. In fact, one of our goals was to celebrate her unique appearance.

I don’t quite know when we shifted away from traditional rockabilly to psychobilly (or at least a variation of it) but I suspect the origins and look of Emma made it an obvious change.

Ariel Marsh

Teen (mild language)

Graphic novel (102 pages)

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"(Ink'd Well Comics') best book yet! Love the production values on it and the main character was especially fun."
- Border City Comics

"One of the finest webcomics out there. Check it out."
- eXPress News

"Emma Awesome stitches together a tale of following your dream even if you have to reanimate yourself... err... re-imagine yourself..."
- Josh Rodgers (Mushface Comics)

"Great book! (Ink'd Well Comics) put such a great polish to (their) stories. The art and the craft and the actual physical quality of the book is amazing!"
- Steven Charles Rosia (Muskoka)

Digital: $10.00
Physical: $20.00
Local shop: $20.00