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2015 12 24: Freebies

We've had loads of goodies available on our website for years: Colouring sheets, valentines, and even comic workshops/Q&A sheets, but they were hidden behind multiple clicks in my archive section. Well, today I said, "No more!"

Now, our freebies -- including a few comics -- can be accessed directly from the navigation menu. Or, if you'd like, simply click here. Thanks for your support, and have a safe and peaceful holiday season!

2015 10 20: Thank you!

A busy 2015 convention season has reached its end. Ariel and I thank you all for coming out to the shows, and continuing to support our comics. Speaking of those, now we can roll up our sleeves and really get cracking again on our 2016 comics. Be sure to check here, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for the latest updates and previews.

We have plenty of stories in the comics pipeline, and I'll have some news soon about my next anthology piece for our friends at Engen Books. Stay tuned!

2015 05 11: Emma Awesome digital comic now available

First, thanks to everyone at the Ottawa Comiccon for supporting Ariel Marsh and Ink'd Well Comics!

I updated the Emma Awesome: Undead Rock Star digital download (CBZ format), so if you prefer to read on the go, click here to download the comic.

One last thing: I posted downloadable versions of the new colouring sheets we debuted at Sci-Fi on the Rock. Check out all the designs here.

2015 03 19: Much merch

This month, not only have we restocked our most popular buttons, posters, and prints, but we've added many new designs.

The totals so far? Two (2) posters, five (5) prints, and a whopping 12 buttons! Click the appropriate links above to check them all out.