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Fearsome Fables III announcement

Following modest success with What the Wild Things Read (2011), the response to Fearsome Fables I and Fearsome Fables II has been strong. It is for this reason that our next charity collection will, indeed, be Fearsome Fables III.

Important details about this project can be found here.

2014 10 31: The return of Emma Awesome

As promised, we're kicking off the third volume of Emma Awesome: Undead Rock Star. It's crazy to think that it has been two years since the comic debuted.

If you haven't been reading, click here to get caught up on the action. To download a digital version of the comic, click here. Remember, the digital comic won't feature V3 pages until the end (approximately April).

2014 10 30: Important news re: C4

Unfortunately, due to illness, I will not be attending the C4 show in Winnipeg. It's a bit disappointing, as we've had such a nice time in Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Lethbridge, but neither Ariel nor I are in much shape to travel.

Because I only need to whip up a recap for the Lethbridge Comic Con now, that'll be posted as soon as I am feeling a bit better. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, or if not, soon thereafter.

Note that this doesn't change anything about Emma Awesome V3. The cover will still be posted tomorrow as planned!

2014 10 02: Wild, Wild West

Big thanks to everyone at the Saskatoon and Edmonton Expos for showing us a wonderful time! In a few weeks, we head to the Lethbridge Comic Con. Not going? Don't fret, as there will be one final chance to see us.

We had brand new business cards, new limited edition prints, and... oh, yeah! A new comic: Super Galactic Space Explorers V2. Who knows, maybe we'll have some Emma Awesome things to show off.

For con recaps, click here.

2014 06 08: Two con recaps are better than one

Ink'd Well Comics had a busy month, preparing for four scheduled shows in May. Now that the dust has settled and we can relax -- or, more accurately, we can continue work on our comics -- I found time to write some words about the conventions in St. John's and Edmonton.

Want to read all the juicy details? Click here.